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             "Goodwill is the only asset that
                      competition cannot undersell or destroy."
- Marshall Field
We could list a million reasons why we think we're the best PT clinic in the area, but it just doesn't mean as much. Our kind patients have told us why they come to us and why they keep coming back!

"I can't even think of where to begin! I have been to many different physical therapy clinics but by FAR, Rebound is the best. Chris was understanding and patient even when I was working through the pain. I recommend you to all my friends and family!!"

"Such a great place! My third time there! Through 2 knee replacement therapies and rotator cuff! I amazed at how nice you all are and care for each of your patients as family! Highly recommend your establishment! Thank you so much!."

"I have been to four different PT providers in the Roseville area in the past five years for both knees and one shoulder. Rebound PT is the most thorough PT provider I have experienced.

The physical therapists do a great job and the staff is very amicable and professional and caring. A patient is not rushed to finish his or her treatment/exercises. The staff takes the time to answer questions and explain exercises. Whenever I call the office to make or change an appointment, I am able to speak with someone without any prolonged waiting time.
Your service is outstanding.
MC—CItrus Heights

"Thank you very much to Rebound Rehab and especially my therapist for his and my hard work after my shoulder therapy. Ther therapists and staff are very professional yet a friendly family atmosphere. I will surely recommend Rebound to friends. Again, thank you everyone."

"First of all, I apologize for not sending this back sooner. 2nd I am so happy I checked around and found you and I certainly would recommend you to anyone in need of your services. The whole staff was so friendly and professional and I'm sure that's why I got to "graduate" early!

I am back to walking as long as I like and doing what I want. My ankle lets me know occasionally that I mistreated it but I suppose I can label it "old age".

I am returning to the scene of the crime (Arizona) in September and I hope I can pass "stairs" without any mishaps!

Thanks again for all your expertise and help in getting me back to normal."

"A big thank you for the excellent care I received while undergoing treatment for my knee. Not only was I feeling better in no time but I learned ways to care for my knee to avoid re-injury in the future. The staff is excellent --professional, personable, and so friendly and Chris is a wonderful PT! I would (and have) highly recommend Rebound for treatment. Thank you!"

"During my six weeks treatment at Rebound everything went quite well. Appointments were easily made at my convenience and always on time. Nothing seemed to be rushed and there was no overcrowding. If one of my exercises was in use, another was free and I finished each day at the same time. My arm is much better and could probably be perfect if I chose to add sessions, but I'm satisfied with the results at the moment. Yes, I would recommend them for friendliness, professionalism and results!

Good job, everyone - I miss your smiles!"

"Outstanding facility! Good parking and accessibility. Staff is personable and professional. You enabled me to return to my normal everyday activities. Thanks for all your help and patience!
God's continued blessings on your rehab services."

"I wanted to send you an email to let you know that the team at Rebound is awesome. They pushed me to get my knee rehabbed, to help me avoid surgery. I just wanted to thank you and everyone there for your commitment and schedule flexibility to allow me a successful knee rehab.
Hope your enjoying your summer.
Talk to you soon,"

"Having fully recovered from my injury, I can honestly say that I am a true believer in what Rebound Rehab promotes. Always the skeptic when it comes to physical therapy; I can now honestly say that all of you have my
full endorsement. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Rebound PT to all my friends, coworkers and family. From the front office to all the great support in the workout room. My sincere thanks.Best wishes to you all and thank you again for everything.,"

"I came to Rebound Rehab with a wounded shoulder and left pretty much fixed up. I attribute this to the amazing, professional, caring, and extremely knowledgeable people that took care of me. I will, and have, recommend you to friends and neighbors. Thank you for a good experience, starting at the front desk and following through to the those that perform the physical therapy.

Again, thank you for a pleasant experience.
I remain,

"What can I say about this wonderful facility that allowed me to recover from a painful bulging disk. The entire staff starting with the front desk and ending with the assistants made each and every visit a pleasant and personal experience.

Chris, my Physical Therapist used his calm and assertive energy to work his magic on my back as we chatted away. If you are looking for a Physical Therapy Office that will support you through every step of your recovery this is the place for you!!"

"An update: ...The pain is almost all gone but the x-ray showed some irregularity.. [my doctor] suspects some calcification that is showing up but still recommends the MRI. I have to say that I miss my regular visits to Rebound and all of your friendly faces! I appreciate all of your care and dedicated attempts to relieve the pain. "

"Hi All,

Obviously we were delighted in the care and expertise shown [to our son] while rehabbing his pitching arm.

Please see the attached [web news clipping]. In [our son]’s first full State finals tournament after PT, he was voted the player of the week. You all helped to make this possible.

Thanks and regards,"

"Dear Team Rebound:
I would like to thank ALL of you especially Chris for the great service that I received while I was a patient. I had a total knee replacement in May of 2008. By the end of my treatments I felt as good as new. Everyone at Rebound was very professional and very friendly. Chris always made my treatments a fun experience ( yes there was pain) but at the end of each treatment I felt better. I would heartily recommend Rebound to everyone. I can't say enough about about the great service I received. Thank you all."

"The best part of Rebound Rehab is the entire staff. They are, without exception entirely professional, yet friendly and genuinely caring individuals. This has been my only experience with PT so the standard has now been set pretty high. My knee is better than it has been for a very long time and not even a Minnesota winter can faze me now. My heartfelt gratitude for treating an "old lady" with such care and concern."
PB—Fergus Falls, MN (formerly a Rocklin-ite)

"After having surgery on my right shoulder in March I entered into a Rehab Program with your company and I'm happy to report my rehab program was successful and I feel great.The recovery time was shorter than expected and I have been able to return my activities playing golf, senior softball, doing yard work, and playing with my grand children.

A big thank you to all the gang at Rebound Rehab. "

"To The Team Rebound

I'm glad my doctor sent me over there to Rebound Rehab. You were all wonderful. All of you were fun to be with, especially Chris, the Iron Fingers Man that I won't forget, but I know he was just doing his job and it was great.

I will probably be back because I know I need surgery on my shoulder. Looking forward to seeing you then.

" You are the Best! Great Office - Great Staff. Very Friendly Office Positive Experience!"
KW—Granite Bay

"Everything about my experience at Rebound Rehab was GREAT! The staff is extremely personable which made it very easy to discuss the problems that I came in with. They took the time to get to know me and suggested things that I could do to help myself at home to continue and promote the healing process of my injury. I would definitely recommend this facility to others!!"

"I had a very positive experience with PT at Rebound Rehab. Chris was very professional, yet personal and easy to talk to. For somebody you spend a couple hours a week with, that is nice. I will definitely refer friends to Rebound Rehab."

"My name is Don. I was assigned to the ... Rebound Rehab office after having had knee surgery in March. The Surgeon said I would probably need to have about two months or more of rehab work make a full recovery.

I found all of the staff at that facility to be extremely helpful and committed to getting me back to normal. Thanks to their efforts, the doctor released me after only 6 weeks, telling me my recovery time was in a less than 10th percentile category. Thanks to the efforts of the Rebound staff, I actually only needed to complete one month of rehab work.

I am en route to Hawaii. Tell Chris I plan to do a lot of kayaking and snorkeling to stay in shape. Just living the good life with lots of things to do and running out of time to do them.

Thank you,"

"Hey guys and gals... I received your letter, and appreciate your concern. Everything has been going well with me. I have not had any pain or problems with my knee since my last appt. There is a little stiffness and minor weakness, but I believe this is associated with just inconsistency in workout & stretching routines. (Getting settled in at home would help).

Thank you all again for your help and concern during that painful time. I couldn't ask for more knowledgeable and professional therapists and staff. I will send you another reply from home soon.

Hope U are all doing well, stay in touch,"
JB—Citrus Heights

"Hi Kristie,
It was quite an experience with physical therapy, as I had never had it before! The PT was very patient and kind and I sure enjoyed seeing him every week! He definitely showed compassion and understanding! And was so helpful with explaining and encouraging me to bend!

He will live in my memory forever! Lucky the patients that have him! He is such a nice young man and enjoyed hearing about his family and making him laugh!

Enjoyed coming to your place of business, nice, clean and happy environment! My therapist treated me so nice and helped me through the difficult it was so painful in the beginning! Recommend your place highly and will always come back to there if needed!

Thanks so much and Take care~"

"Very professional and courteous. The end result was excellent. Range of motion was brought back to normal and pain has gone. Continuous use of gym facilities has proved very good, no doubt by following your instructions.

Thank you,"

"This was my first time going to a PT. I was surprised how well I felt after only 2 visits.

I would recommend Rebound Rehab to my friends. Thank you very much"

"My many thanks to you who treated me along with two other family members. He is very knowledgeable with the human body and took great interest in all of us getting well! Although my pain isn't completely gone, my PT has shown me ways to continue my healing at home.

My PT was also a fabulous role model for my 20 year old son who also needed PT. He has changed his major at school so he can study to be a Physical Therapist!

The staff at Rebound PT are wonderful and we miss seeing them very much! :)"

"I had gone to two other Physical Therapy places, and due to lack of or poor treatment, I developed "frozen shoulder". My doctor insisted I contact Rebound Therapy. Chris worked with me.

My doctor said I had the worse case of frozen should he had seen, and even did 2 "manipulations" on my shoulder, with no great change. More visits to Rebound has helped me get to the point where I can function. I really appreciate the help I received at Rebound. I recommend them to everyone with which I discuss Therapy".

"Chris not only helped me quickly regain my range of motion after rotator cuff surgery, but he educated me with the reasons why and how the therapy that he was using for my recovery worked. That has helped me modify my lifestyle, which hopefully will help me remain active and relatively free of arthritic pain.

In addition to Chris, I found all of the staff at Rebound friendly, caring, encouraging and competent. You have a winning team!"

"Hello there
I just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work on bringing me back from the total never ending Darkness I was feeling. You helped me recover from total Knee replacement in more than making sure that it would move like it is meant to. You gave me back my life. I can face the world with a smile once again, and play with my Grand kids and ride my Horse with out fear of hurting myself or falling flat on my face. You guys are the GREATEST in all the ways.

I have been to 4 other physical therapy places that did not even care if I showed up or not. Let alone if I was not feeling well or in so much pain I could hardly move. Rebound is more than just another therapy place. In my life if I ever need it again You are the ONLY place you will find me.

I hope more people will find their way to your door. Not only will you welcome them with open doors there was a open heart that really cares. You Guys are the Best.

Your Purple Friend forever."

"I was so very grateful my doctor sent me to Rebound after a bad fall on my back. My physical therapist worked so very hard each visit treating my back pain.

I was no doubt the eldest client but was treated with great respect. Everybody was so cheerful and upbeat which made the visits actually fun. It was a sad day after several weeks to finally finish the treatment. Thanks, you were great."

"To everyone at Rebound Rehab, I sincerely appreciate all the time and patience you showed me during my P/T.

I especially want to thank my PT and Candice for developing and implementing a comprehensive P/T program personalized just for me. I'm sure it was a major reason for my speedy recovery from surgery! It is comforting to know that Rebound Rehab offers such competent therapists and that you are available in case I should ever need such services again.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Rebound Rehab without reservation to anyone who asks me for a P/T reference! Thanks again!!!"

"Thanks for a totally therapeutic experience! I feel your treatment was instrumental in allowing me to postpone my knee surgery. I miss the one-on-one, but have tried to maintain the exercise program that was set up for me. I would highly recommend your office!"

"Hey Rebounders! [My doctor] cut me loose. It really has been fun, but I need to re-integrate myself back into society. Thank you-thank you-thank-you for your remarkable work, sharing your knowledge, and especially for your friendship!"

"To anyone in need of physical therapy don't take it lightly. I started playing indoor soccer on a co-ed over 30, team when I was in my mid/ late 40’s. Well it was fun and hard work. I thought I could do all the things I did as a younger woman and as it turned out I tore my MCL pretty bad. I was sent to see Chris and his staff. He worked me pretty hard in order to reach my goal of getting back to soccer. I followed his program and with Chris ’s help I was able to reach my goal and return to play soccer without any difficulty or problems.

Chris and his staff were always warm and wonderful. They know what they are doing and work with you to reach your goals and return to your fullest activity. I was so impressed with my recovery. I kept up with the program Chris set to keep me healthy and active. I still have no problems with my MCL, a good thing since I coach a U 19 boy’s soccer team. They keep my pretty busy.

All my thanks to Chris , Kristie and the fabulous staff at Rebound Rehab Physical Therapy,

Adri Nicolls, Security Pacific Real Estate
cell 916-612-3825"

"I am proud to report that I am back at tennis in a shorter period of time then expected after pulling my soleus (calf muscle). Thanks to Chris, my awareness and knowledge to stretching the muscles has been increased, or may I say stretched, and I am thankful for all your great services."

"Being healthy, staying active and having fun is my idea of a great retirement. To this end Chris Gulbrandson, MPT and his Professional Staff at Rebound Rehab have been a great help to me rehabbing after recent lower back and a knee surgeries. Their expertise, and weekly rehab sessions made it possible for me to return to an active life style. I now have an ongoing plan of exercise and stretching that has me playing golf, playing senior softball, doing yard work and playing with my grandchildren.

I highly recommend the Rebound Rehab Company as my first choice for your Physical Therapy needs."

"I have known Chris and the staff from Rebound Rehab since their days with [another PT clinic in the area] that time I was treated for a shoulder injury that had been a constant source of pain for quite some time. My shoulder injury was completely healed and I am able to use it in a way I had not been able to for years.

Since then I have tracked down the guys at their new location, Rebound Rehab, as I am in need of some treatment for a foot injury I sustained. I have had only a few treatments and I am well on my way to a complete recovery from this injury also.

My recommendation to anyone that is in need of physical therapy is to get in touch with these guys for the best in treatment, advice and professional service at their new location in Rocklin."

"Three and a half years ago, I suffered major shoulder trauma during a military exercise. I was shuffled between teams of chiropractors and physical therapists from both the military and a major PPO with no one able to provide me any resolution or improvement with my injury. After being told by three different physicians that I would require surgery on my shoulder and that my weight lifting days were over, I consulted Mr Gulbrandson to discuss alternatives to "going under the knife".

Chris prescribed a full-spectrum treatment of soft-tissue manipulation, rehabilitative stretching and posture-correcting exercises that allowed me to continue my lifting program with no surgery. Furthermore, the chronic pain in my shoulder has now disappeared and my range of motion has improved over 35 degrees. Chris focuses on cutting edge research and rehabilitative techniques that are far superior to any of the traditional methods I was exposed to in the past. I highly encourage anyone who is contemplating surgery to see Chris for an evaluation first.

"I spent time with Chiropractors and in pain management for several years, due to back and neck pain. I never found relief until I made the decision to seek physical therapy.

Under the care of Chris Gulbrandson I have greatly improved and learned valuable tools for helping me to get control of the pain that had plagued me for so long. I am now able to walk for long distances (4 miles) without pain and the quality of my life has gotten so much better, that I am now able to participate in activities I could not be involved with before.

I am so appreciative of Chris and Candice for the time they have spent with me teaching me the proper way to exercise and will continue to work with them in the future as needed.

I highly recommend them to everyone I know who has a need for physical therapy due to surgery, accidents, broken bones or those who suffer from chronic pain.

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